Edward J. Bouchea Center for Learning

96 Thirteenth Street, Bangor, ME

The Bouchea Center for Learning (BCL) is a community support program that provides professional and individualized support services for adults with intellectual and physical disabilities who have complex medical needs. Participants are provided with a welcoming, flexible environment and a compassionate, creative approach that allows them the opportunity to achieve their maximum potential. BCL promotes respect for individual differences, interests, skill levels, and celebrates achievements that contribute to self-respect, personal development, and purposeful tasks. Individuals are offered participation in activities of daily living, health and fitness, communication, choice making, supported community experiences, social growth and development, and a wide variety of group experiences. BCL has an on-staff LPN, contracted physical therapist and speech therapy consultative services. These professionals are responsible for providing BCL staff with training and supports in the specific medical conditions and protocols of our participants, including range of motion, exercise programs, use of specialized medical equipment, and Augmentative Communication systems to include technology-based computer systems, Mayer Johnson/picture/object symbols, and gestural and adapted sign language.

BCL participants value giving back to their local community and building community relationships. This is accomplished through hosting food drives and collecting much needed items for donation to local food cupboards and shelters. It is of high importance to remove barriers to community integration for all participants and foster partnerships with other organizations, such as local universities.

"Individuals have the flexibility to participate in activities and programs that meet their unique needs on that particular day. The staff respects and honors the wishes of consumers and facilitates individual growth by honoring their right to exercise self-determination." Jeanne R. - Elizabeth Levinson Center

To learn more, contact the Edward J. Bouchea Center at (207) 941-2890.