68 Hillside Avenue, Bangor, ME

Penobscot Valley Industries (PVI): PVI provides services to individuals with an intellectual disability and/or autism. PVI seeks to build on the interests and talents of each individual and to encourage achievement at the highest level of skill and independence. Ralph Leek Elders (RLE): Ralph Leek would be proud of the program that bears his name. RLE is designed for individuals with an intellectual disability and/or autism who are aging or with physical limitations slowing their abilities to ambulate as quickly as they once did. With a focus on building and keeping community connections, RLE supports the unique needs and interests of older adults with disabilities. Participants partake in a variety of activities at the Hillside Avenue site as well as in the community. Important skill building opportunities promoted at PVI and RLE are:

  • self-care
  • mobility
  • independent living skills
  • accessing community events/activities/resources
  • interpersonal skills
  • safety skills
  • activity and physical exercise
  • communication
  • personal development and learning
  • building natural supports
  • on-site physical therapy

Flexible schedule - A wide variety of community-based and on-site options enable participants to select and develop activities that contribute to rich and fulfilling lives. Giving Back - Distribution of Thanksgiving baskets to families in need, cook and deliver meals to area shelters, hold annual holiday tributes, transport meals to individuals in the area who are homebound, and an annual walk-a-thon to name a few. Participants' strengths and abilities are cultivated to assist them in achieving a meaningful and valued role in their community.

PVI Staff: "Unique about PVI is the teaching about creating and making choices, developing skills, and exploring new interests that enables program participants to enhance their lives to have more confidence and self-respect as they participate in their families, community and their futures."

Pat Jubinville: "I have an Adult Foster Home and have had several people attend the day program at PVI for many years. PVI has many programs and activities for the people to learn and grow in many aspects of their daily living. PVI also includes them in many community and cultural activities and events for them to explore. I feel that it is a wonderful program with a great staff."

PVI Consumer: "Staff is really nice to me, and knows me very well." "I like the butterflies and the environments stuff."

RLE Staff: "RLE is unique because it is the only program in our area that specializes in serving the elderly population, meeting the consumer where they are at for skills (if they need to work at a slower pace), so they can still enjoy community integration. RLE also offers groups such as glamour that consumers love because they are pampered and many cannot afford to go to a salon for these type of services."

Brian Noble, Executive Director of Branches, LLC: "We have several residents that attend RLE. It's nice to have a program in the area that is a slower pace for those who need it."

RLE Consumers: "Love it, and my friends" "I like all the group choices"

To learn more, contact PVI or RLE at (207) 941-2898.